Trigger issue Created does not work with Jira sync

When using a Jira sync and a new issue is synced (created at Jira). The issueCreated trigger for automations does not react.

I’ve been using the Jira two-way sync somewhat extensively lately, so I’ll ask something that I came across before: did the Jira database within Fibery definitely re-sync (either via one of the “auto re-sync per X time period” option or manually) between when the trigger happened and when you decided this didn’t work?

In case this comes across as me being cheeky, I am genuinely trying to help, I just couldn’t think of a better way to say it right now :smiling_face:

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So I clicked the “sync now” after I added an item to Jira cloud. And the trigger for an action listening to “issue created” simply did not run (seeing in “activity”).