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Yes on getting money selling custom apps. In fact, I’d be fine if Fibery actually collected the money from my client using an app (based on whatever I negotiated with them), took a percentage, then paid me the difference. Now that would be a significant differentiator for Fibery vs the other platforms out there…let us monetize our development as Agencies!


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Isn’t this basically (a version of) what the Fibery Partners Program is?

Not exactly. I’m not talking about us referring a client to use Fibery, who then pays us a % of their subscription fee for their own account. I’m suggesting that some of us would want to build and monetize actual Apps (Spaces) on our own accounts. In other words, we develop a great app for a client on our own account. Now I want to charge my client $500 per month to use it (happens frequently for us). I would love the ability to give the client a paywall, through Fibery, to pay for access to the app with the requisite permissions and payment tracking. I’d be fine with Fibery actually collecting the fees directly from our client (the $500 per month), taking a percentage, then paying us the remaining amount. We’ve been trying to talk Airtable into doing this for a while. There is an ever growing citizen developer community that is desperate to monetize their apps. No one has yet given them a real ability to do so (unless you’re talking mobile apps).



Wow, this is a great idea. :grinning:

I second what Matt is saying. It seems way easier to set everything up for the client and talk them into paying us more (apart from already paying us for our core services, or just include it in the rate), than to set everything up for them but then they have to engage with another company and pay them directly, while actually interacting with us on it.

It’s like
We offer you this extra useful thing, we will set it up, then you start paying us a bit more, and we will work in it with you and maintain it for you
We offer you this extra useful thing, we will set it up, then you go and start paying those guys, but it is us who will work in it with you and maintain it for you

But then again, for the time being Fibery has chosen product companies as their target audience, not the service companies or agencies, and it is understandable. With the product this complex one cannot tailor it to suit everyone, I guess. I’m sure we (agencies) will also have our day in the sun. :crossed_fingers::slightly_smiling_face:

Сб, 13 нояб. 2021 г. в 00:27, Matthew Oates via Fibery Community <fibery@discoursemail.com>:

Many lms biz model is the creator teacher are allowed to collect money from students per course a good price both for students paysing just example 1 us dollar to 5 us dollar per course to have the access 100 user students for 4 usa dolar price per month , the user can earn via affiliate programme to get commissions to refer to friends , colegas ( good biz is a good both for creator , the software, operator , via support , the platform to fibery app hub basis app , can be increased to increase app , In this partnership one example iof course continent creator , the startup project leader is allowed to create unlimited contents , unlimited user too , free services No hard limits on number of students. Zero transaction fees on payments creator collect, regardless of the plan he chooses…The negotiation more favourable to early startup creator to earn more pay as they grow more per users . The students user included to to inclusive preveliages similar to partner fibery program via referral , The creator decide his gain to his work All the user paid is well distributed too tvia better partnership to creator .The user referral is more valuable one to exponential growth to app as hardware , the creator support software get things work to the user , the massive peopleware, too matter most , as they need to pay, to both creator and app platform . THe people ware , the user are also important in this model exclude both the partnership sales based , free negociations the consumer . Several creative leaders as their integrated app in different markets is the real solutions to the expand social network with innovations , not as simple sales selling without deep knowledge , practical experience to attend the need of the consumer to make app work fast better , less learningtime to user sides to his needs

Ah, I see, so a lot more like “white labeling” Fibery, then?

yes more creator well reward both by the clients as well as fibery platform , yet the price need to compete with the other competitive one

Unless…of course…they shifted to focus on Agencies. Just a thought :slight_smile:

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yes…or “powered by” Fibery.

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Although both are interesting models, I’m not sure you are actually quite on the same page :thinking:

Yes I was thinking the same, like an app store/ play store for fibery based apps.
It is a win win situation because actually the only apps you see in fibery are the ones made by fibery developers.
Each custom app made by fibery users is “wasted” because it is used only by few users.
Having a market would benefit both fibery and users.
In very crude way I can say that fibery is a rad/low code platform built on a db that gives you some premade views (kanban, list and so on).
In another post I suggested that you can add to fibery also process management (BPM diagrams…), forms and other things so you can develop complete apps, put in fibery store and monetize.

You just need to create a separate “discussion” about the “app store with separate subscriptions”. And move messages there.

In fact, such a model can be implemented even now. No additional effort on the part of Fibery.

Alternatively, in the future, only add a directory of third-party developments on the Fibery website.

Make your own App with integration, which is “hard” connected to your own server. And in this App you place key Types with automations and scripts.

This is a purely design issue. And some effort.

I personally work with CRM in which a third party developer has massively implemented this model. Built a third party add-on with his own subscription (which is larger than CRM: 0). The CRM has a module for integrating with this platform.

The CRM developer directly says that it provides its partner integrators with a platform and API. Fibery is very similar in capabilities in this respect.

And there are many other services with the same operating model.

I didn’t mean the same Discourse page. It’s just a figure of speech. I meant that the two contributors were not aligned in their proposals :slightly_smiling_face:

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And indeed, there is nothing to stop a user inviting clients into his/her own workspace and charging them (more than the subscription cost) for the privilege.

I know about this “thread” of the forum :0) I meant something like that.

Or my ERP: https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules
And a possible direct competitor: https://podio.com/site/podio-apps