Pricing changes

I’m interested to hear more about the upcoming pricing changes mentioned in the yearly review!

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Hi Sarah,

It will not affect existing customers for foreseeable future and we will write a separate post when it will happen, but as it looks now Fibery will cost no less than $18 per user per month, if you have specific questions please ask.


Hi, I’m also interested, especially in the removal of the free solo plan :cry:
Will that still be available for current solo users? If not, will there be an affordable alternative for truly solo users?

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All current users will be unaffected, we will keep current free plan forever.


That’s a relief to hear. I will continue to try and show appreciation for my free use of Fibery via being a mini Fibery ambassador on Reddit aka bringing into the conversation when people start talking about all the typical alternatives. When people hear about Fibery for the first time when all they had previously considered are Jira, Clickup, etc., it always blows there mind!


I am glad to hear the free plan is here to stay, such a relief!

And I had the esperience as @ESGdataBoi: I found fibery by pure chance after trying (or at least researching) a ton of other tools (between personal project management, PKM, note-taking). I checked out really a lot of reddit threads, websites, listicles, “similar-to” and more resources, but there was never a mention of Fibery. I am surpised, given how truly amazing it is!

Also, I found the “honest website” version great. After reading 50 websites that sounded all the same, it was a breath of fresh air, and I really enjoyed it and made me feel this was not “just another tool”. So, it worked at least for 1 person :slight_smile:

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Unless I’m misunderstanding, the free plan will remain for those who are already on it, but no new free users will be possible? If so that’s a dramatic turn away from what I hoped would be Fibery’s direction for growth. I certainly understand it, very much so, in fact I mentioned previously that the existing feedback-to-dev management solutions were just not good enough and it could be an opportunity for Fibery. But as a solo user and one who has been quite interested in PKM Fibery uses and a Notion-like approach to growth (which, you know, has worked out pretty frickin’ well for them), it’s definitely sad to see.

I know Fibery needs to find its niche to succeed. Where my personal use of Fibery and my general work overall (as a consultant) are currently at, this direction is far less interesting to me. But 2 years ago I would have been thrilled since I was working with more software teams who needed this kind of thing and were not really happy with the features and/or pricing of Productboard, Canny, etc.

That said I really hope that once Fibery finds PMF it will re-expand its target user(s)/market, i.e. find the effective way to advertise what Fibery really can do in all its diversity and power. It would be a shame to see Fibery’s incredible capabilities relegated to just one very useful case that is still just a fraction of the Total Addressable Market for no-code. And I still hope for a PKM option one day, too.

Above all I do wish the team the best of luck on this new focus. It’s past time the paying user numbers reflected the brilliant work that has been done here for years. I continue to be baffled as to why Fibery isn’t at least a part of so many conversations around other tools in the space, which often include even very new tools (like Linear), or ones that have had big missteps recently like the ClickUp 3.0 delays. Something isn’t right in the fact that there wasn’t a big influx of their customers within the past year (or at least many of them showing up to ask questions).


After reading the annual review I can understand why there is no free plan anymore. I also think it’s a healthy financial decision.

Agree, but on the other hand you have lots and lots of competition in that area as well.

Choosing a specific niche can have great benefits. And it also depends on your goals and ambition. Do you want to have a company and team as big as Notion in the future? Or do you prefer a smaller team/company?

I personally rather have 1000 true fans and a small & awesome team than 100.000 customers and also a lot of headaches.

Standard vs Pro
I think it’s confusing that group permissions are part of pro account. Since the chosen niche normally needs those. So why offering a standard plan then?

Group permissions are one of the biggest USP’s of Fibery. So it would be more helpful I think if:

  • The standard package contains all the must haves that the ideal customer of Fibery needs (that’s also very strong in messaging/marketing stuff).
  • And put all the extras (that actually costs Fibery money, like unlimited version history and extra support) in the pro package.

14 day trial
This is the only thing I really don’t understand. Why not 30 days? It’s an extremely short period to give Fibery a try.


Actually quite less serious competition in my view as far as tools that have the notable features Fibery has. And even more so when you compare to the very many strong, established, and even in Fibery team’s own estimation “actually doing some very good things” (e.g. Dovetail) feedback management products, many of which integrate with extremely strong and well-established dev management (e.g. Linear, Jira, etc.).

In the PKM/Notion-like space, there are very few products that have proper databases. It’s Notion (best for PKM), Coda (much harder to use for PKM), Airtable (easy to use but not very PKM-ish without real “wiki”, etc.), and much lesser-known tools like Tana, Anytype, and Capacities, literally zero of which are actually mature, non-beta products with open access. And all the more importantly none on the latter list are effectively scalable to multi-player/collaboration use-cases (and the same is true of many more PKM tools besides those), whereas Fibery and Notion are very scalable from single to multi-user. And that is a critical differentiator for the path from PKM to business-level implementation, which is one of the major sources of Notion’s success, and one that tools like Obsidian, Mem, Tana, and soooo many others definitely lack (they are all used to one degree or another for “multiplayer”, but not very well, and despite dev intent in most cases, even if multiplayer is on their roadmaps).

I wouldn’t pretend that targeting PKM use cases would be a trivial thing, but it’s also not a major pivot in terms of product, features, etc. It’s more of a pricing, marketing, and example templates/use cases shift. And a partial and temporary one at that. People are looking for better alternatives to Notion everyday, easier to use ones than Coda, more flexible and capable ones than Airtable. Every time this subject comes up I literally see the marketing material in my head, it’s obvious to me. The material to differentiate around product feedback and dev management is far less clear from my perspective.

I know definitively that Fibery is better for feedback and dev management (and improving by the day with upcoming Highlights and AI features). I’ve been inside a number of teams where it was discussed, and in at least one situation I even did my very best to make the case for it vs. ClickUp and Linear. Linear eventually won. Fibery simply didn’t stand out enough. But hey, it’s not my product and there is a lot of info I don’t have here, so I could be way off base. In fact I hope I am because even if Fibery ends up not being for me as an individual, I still love the product and the team and I want to see them succeed! Let’s see what happens…

Agreed, this is an odd choice, especially for Fibery and the well-known longer onboarding time line vs. other tools.


I agree with everything you’ve written.

There may not be much real competition because Fibery is so unique. But there are many alternatives for a user and that makes it challenging. Because until now, mainly Fibery users know how awesome Fibery is :sweat_smile:

Let’s hope that changes this year :smile:


I wish I knew that before I let die my free solo project… I wanted to test a new idea today and realized I could not use Fibery for that anymore…

There is always hope, contact us in Intercom and we do something for you

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It happened to me exactly the same. Because I had health problems, I couldn’t use the computer for 3 months and they deleted my workspace. I contacted them via Intercom but did not get a positive response. :disappointed:

I also use Notion, Clickup, Coda, Airtable (and others) and have never had any problems with it.

I am sorry to hear that, it seems account was deleted permanently and undeleted was not possible. Free solo account is still possible, if you still need it, ping us in Intercom

About the data storage, Will our data still be safe and stay there in fibery if I’m inactive for months or years by some accident ?

No, the account is deleted after several months of inactivity, and in one more month the data is deleted as well

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