Table of Contents block or other function

I was surprised to not find an existing feature request for this one, but I did search a bit and only found brief mentions in otherwise unrelated discussions. So the request is simple: some kind of Table of Contents feature, for docs, certainly, but perhaps even just overall for Rich Text. Maybe even as a kind of Block in the upcoming [IN DEV] Migrate Entity View to Blocks paradigm.

Personally, though, I’d love to see it as something that can optionally “float” or exist outside/alongside the main contents. Not so much as a traditional book-style ToC, as-in a Word doc, but rather as a navigation aid. That said, depending on how flexible Blocks can be, an option in a ToC block to simply “dock and float right/left on scroll” would satisfy that need very well.

If I were to outline my perfect ToC functions, it would look something like the following, though I realize some of these may be a big ask, or too much work to do for the context in Fibery (which is not intended to be a sophisticated doc editor, I think; more about getting work done).

Ideal ToC

  • Block-based, can be instantiated anywhere in a Doc or Rich Text
  • Collapsible
  • Ability to configure what header levels it shows
  • Optional collapsible headers, possibly with a “Collapsed by default” and/or “Only one header expanded at a time” options
  • Click to navigate to headers with a click
  • Option to display alongside doc contents somehow
    • Ideally the ability to “float” and scroll with the user’s view as a navigation aide

Using the ToC for navigation and having clickable header links suggests that this would rely on/require implementation of Anchor Links. Or at the least that adding Anchor Link functions would follow well from having clickable nav from a ToC.

Anyone else want something in a ToC feature that I missed? I made this post a Wiki, so feel free to edit and add your own bullets for additional desired ToC-specific features.

Love to see that as well, very needed for larger docs.

What surprised me when dealing with larger doc is that the collapsible state of headings are not stored. If i write a large doc with many details, i may want to hide stuff from it to make it more readable, one section at a time or let user “explore” it and expand only the sections/headings that applies to himself, to his role, etc…

However, seems that Fibery doesn’t store those states… if I collapse some headings, when I share it to a user or externally, the entire document is fully expanded. That’s not desired outcome and defeats the biggest purpose of collapsible headings.


Accidental duplicate of: [APPROVED] Outline feature in docs

Though I appear to have more votes already :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Probably just because it’s more recent.

Love the existing collapsing of contents that are inside the heading. But, as we write a long-form document inside Fibery, it feels like an outline/table of content feature would be more beneficial.
I love how Coda does it. Not a big fan of Notion/Clickup way of doing it.


Thanks for the idea, like it and will add to the Documents ideas backlog to research later :sun_with_face:

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Yeah, is you plan to replace rather than integrate with some sort of docs, I.e. Google Docs, then navigating a slightly bigger Document with numerous of heading is important. Otherwise we end up with just a giant Rich Text Field. I’m personally would really love to integrate/import some existing docs and make navigating them somehow possible. I’m not sure this should be in the sidebar are as “Smart Folders” or inside the content area. But the tendency goes to side bar for me.

Indeed. ToC is one of critical features to stay within Fibery and to leave to Gdocs.

Is that on the roadmap? If yes, towards which quarter / year?


Somehow I missed this topic when making my own. They should be merged, I think:

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Hmm, the page you mentioned says " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private."

Anyway I’ve just voted for ToC feature, would be really useful + and/or anchors!

Many thanks!

Agree this is very much needed.