Embedded Table of Content block in rich text fields

A while ago the Table of Content is released.

While working in Fibery it feels intuitive since you know where to find the ToC. But if I share a single page outside Fibery, it’s not clear for a reader that there is a Table of Content.

Previously this was our set-up in Notion :arrow_down:

It’s a long article with many steps. Not every step is needed for every reader. So the Table of Content is really helpful.

How it looks in Fibery :arrow_down:

Since ToC is sort of ‘hidden’ the reader doesn’t find it. We received feedback ‘that a table of content would be very helpful for such a long article’.

Would be great if we can have a table of content block in Fibery :slight_smile:

In Obsidian, the table of content pinned inside the right pannel of the app, and can be toggle. this must more convinient than inside rich text. Sometime you scroll down and wanna to get the right heading navigation you need to really hard to scroll up

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Yes, only requirement is that it’s visible for the reader :slight_smile: Don’t know what the best solution is. I think the current solution is fine for your use case. Since you can always open the ToC when your lower on the page. But then you have to know where to find the ToC at first :sweat_smile:

I think a simple solution for this would be to just make the TOC visible by default on shared pages. There seems to be enough space anyway (and on a mobile it can be on top).

That said, I would love me some ToC and Children embeds. :wink:
(Ran out of votes :crying_cat_face:)


That sounds great :smile:

My original [DONE] Table of Contents block or other function feature request actually included this and other functions that I’d still like to see in the ToC. Admittedly my full feature list there is probably overkill, I’d certainly prioritize a number of other non-ToC things over many of those capabilities. But a few such as a ToC “block” or a way to “pin” it open (maybe on a per-document, persistent basis?) would be great to have. It’s nice that we have something now but quite honestly I don’t love the current solution in a variety of ways. I added my other feedback under the original feature request but it has been closed:

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