The Automatic Table of Contents is often useless

Issue: long texts result in too many automatic TOC items
Suggestion: make the automatic TOC configurable to show only optional H1/H2/H3/H4’s PER ENTITY
I consider this ‘an issue’.


Agree. My original ToC feature request included this kind of thing as a desired feature, and I continue to think this and a couple of other things (like an option to “Pin” the ToC open per-page) would be good improvements:


Maybe add a “filter” UI to the top of TOC?
Type some text to filter the TOC (show the breadcrumb/path result of all matching headings), or select a Heading level to show only the headings at or above that level.


I really like @Oshyan’s idea of TOC being a block and having some customizations like filtering.

One bug that seems to have recently appeared is that if you use an entity reference (using ‘#’) as a header, the entity name no longer appears in the TOC. There is an empty space which you can click on but the text does not appear:


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