[APPROVED] Outline feature in docs

Love the existing collapsing of contents that are inside the heading. But, as we write a long-form document inside Fibery, it feels like an outline/table of content feature would be more beneficial.
I love how Coda does it. Not a big fan of Notion/Clickup way of doing it.


Thanks for the idea, like it and will add to the Documents ideas backlog to research later :sun_with_face:

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Yeah, is you plan to replace rather than integrate with some sort of docs, I.e. Google Docs, then navigating a slightly bigger Document with numerous of heading is important. Otherwise we end up with just a giant Rich Text Field. I’m personally would really love to integrate/import some existing docs and make navigating them somehow possible. I’m not sure this should be in the sidebar are as “Smart Folders” or inside the content area. But the tendency goes to side bar for me.