Synchronize the app template between apps


Is it possible to synchronize the app template between 2 different apps?

In my case I manage two different companies who can share the same template.
But if I work on the template I don’t want to have to add the changes to both apps (double the work).


Thanks for your time!


It’s not currently possible unfortunately. When you share an app template with the world, anyone who uses it becomes the owner and can take it in any direction they want, so it is out of your hands.
It’s like a child leaving home - once they’ve gone, you can no longer control them :houses::children_crossing: :cry:

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And exporting the app data and importing it into a new template is also not possible right?

I know these requests are kinda specific and can work around it but was wondering if it’s possible.

Not sure what you mean.
If you share an app as a template, you can choose whether or not to share the data.
But you can’t easily export data from an app to be imported into another already-existing app.