Import Space as read-only Linked

Currently, I can put a load of data into a Space, make it available as a template and others (or myself) can import into another workspace.

If I make changes to the data and update the template, those changes aren’t applied to the imported versions of it (and shouldn’t be since the other version of it could have its own modified data and you’d have to resolve conflicts etc).

If however, I want to keep the data up to date in the imported version, I need to figure out the differences, and manually combine it into my version.

What I’d like to see is that when importing a template, you have an option to link a ‘view’ of it into your workspace.

Users would then be able to build on this like a dependency.

In the future, you could look at making the template versioned, so breaking changes can handled.

The use case is anything where someone acts as a source of data that requires frequent updates, where other people want to configure things further themselves.

For example someone (individual, company, etc) could publish a dataset of all movies that others could build their own list of watched movies, wishlists or whatever.

My very specific use case is that a game developer could publish game-related data (like weapon stats) without maintaining their own api, that can be used by others to design their loadouts, write guides, and all the other stuff that game communities do.

It’s a nice idea, and something we have thought about ourselves, for example if we could provide our User guide as a template Space, such that any changes we make would be reflected in all workspaces that have imported it.
No idea when we will get around to it, but nice to know that there is enthusiasm for it amongst our users :slight_smile:

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