Maintain availability of shared templates from expired workspaces

I used another workspace while experimenting and building a base template that could be shared and used by other workspaces. That workspace was eventually automatically cleaned up since I didn’t log in again, which is fine. However, that also disabled access to the template I published before that point.


  • The UX makes it feel like the template is published somewhere external to a workspace, so it would be available for me or anyone that needs it in the future
  • The disabling of these templates opens up fibery to have broken links, missing context, and information spread throughout the forums, which is bad for collaboration.

See this post, where I shared a dates template, which is no longer available. I never disabled sharing of it, but the workspace was deleted due to inactivity.

I still believe that having to pay per workspace is limiting within Fibery. Sometimes I just don’t want to junk up my production environment when I’m experimenting.

Hi, Nick!
Please let me know the name of your experimental workspace and we will make it free. We don’t have the tech possibility to achieve that, but we can handle that in another way…
And you can also tell us the name of the workspace you use as storage, so we didn’t delete it (it’s an option for everyone btw) - at least till we design smth better