Create own custom templates for spaces

Is that possible to create own custom space templates?

What do you mean? You can create a Space and share it with the world. There is no unified gallery to collect all shared templates so far.

We have a workflow for software dev process. For new projects we create a new space. Right now we manually create all databases, fields, etc. I would be great to have our own template to exclude manual work.

I see, now you can’t import Space into the same Workspace. We will fix it

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If you export a space as a template, you can reimport it, provided you change the name of the original space (after generating the space sharing url).
Once the new, cloned space has been imported, you can change its name to whatever you like (and give the source space its original name) if you wish.

It sound complicated, but it boils down to always ensuring no two spaces have the same name.

Sorry but it should be done easier for the end user. I guess additional category with custom templates will do the job.

From what you wrote, it sounds like you need an easy way to clone an existing space within a workspace, rather than the ability to store custom templates alongside Fibery-produced templates.
If a naming conflict could be detected and resolved/avoided at the time of import, the current mechanism (share as url and import) would be fairly simple don’t you think?

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It does. What I’m trying to say your suggestion sounds more like a workaround. From the user perspective I tried to find a way to save a space as a template.

Anyway, thanks for helping.

Oh yeah, it definitely is! :man_shrugging:

Just out of curiosity, to understand your need better…for these new project spaces, would you want to be able to clone an existing space but without its entities, or would you need to have a new space setup with some predefined entities?

Also, what is driving the decision to create a new space per project?
Is there something that could be improved that would enable you to manage multiple projects within the existing space?

We need just one new space without entities. But database, fields, buttons should be in place.

We have many projects with different level of access. Currently it’s not possible to share access to entities/documents/folders between users.

As I understand, this problem will be solved when we will add per-entity access?

I hope so. Do you plan to extend folders with access feature?

Unlikely, since Folders are not usual entities. But we will discuss this option as well

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If it’s possible to close this one as well it will be very helpful: Link to the folder

We had the same problem and the only workaround is changing the name which is more like a bug than workaround.

To be fair, the choice to not allow different spaces to have the same name is arguably a design decision rather than a bug.

But yes, when importing a new space, if there is a name clash, then resolving this gracefully (e.g. inviting the user to choose what names the original/new space should have) rather than refusing the import would be an improvement, no doubt.

When you click “Share as template” and you put a different name there, every user will expect that the new space has that name and not get an error. Very few will thnnk that you have 2 different namings, one for the template and one for the space.

Even on the Templates section of Fibery, template names have the same names as the spaces so it’s obvious to assume that by template name you mean the space name.