Some pointers I discovered in trying to duplicate spaces - tables using Fibery share template and import

I’m not trying to get help on this, I am just providing it for future users who may find themselves stuck. I had seen a number of posts in the community (from the past) where people were having general trouble when trying to leverage the idea of “templates” (e.g. a table within a space as a template)… so that the columns and things would come over to the new table.

This drove me up a wall for a while, and while relations don’t seem to transfer, I have now been able to use this “quasi-duplicate” concept repeatedly and without any failures. It saves time. I found that whenever I had an error (it was something like ‘the data already exists’), if I removed either a single-select field or a multi-select field (I forget exactly which) it would work 100% of the time.

I believe I noticed that that error ultimately had something to do with the database naming convention, which was reflected in the URL.

Of course a proper “start table from template” kind-of-thing, ala Airtable, particularly keeping all the relations in place, would be awesome.

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