CHANGELOG: September 10 / Apps Sharing (beta), Lock in Whiteboard & many bug fixes

Apps Sharing

You can import and export existing apps from one account to another. For example, you’ve created a new fancy Marketing Tracking app and your friend wants to have the same app. Now you can share Marketing Tracking app and send a link to your friend to install it.

To share an app, click App settings and find this action:

Click it, then click Generate shareable link button and copy this URL:

You may send the link to any Fibery user that has an account and she will be able to import this shared app. Here is the flow:

Lock on Whiteboard View

Now you can lock elements and prevent editing on Whiteboard View. Here is it:

:shrimp: Fixed bugs

  • Formulas: formula using enum values does not work correctly
  • Can’t select row for batch delete if it’s out of order/filter
  • Table View: Relations do not open in side panel
  • Table View: Email can’t be deleted from the Table View in the email field
  • Table View: Save text in the table when focus is lost
  • Undo should work for reference creation
  • Undo doesn’t work if select the same option twice in single select
  • Undo doesn’t work after batch delete if entities have relation to another type lookup with multi-select
  • [Firefox] Dropdown lists do not open in Tables
  • Zapier: date Fields are off by 1 day
  • Search: Some entities do not display in search

Thank you, great work! App sharing is just what we were waiting for. Tested and it mostly works. Three things though (presumably already known):

  • Whiteboard contents are not copied across
  • Images in rich text fields are not copied across
  • Attached files are not copied across.

Also it would be useful that links to types that do not exist are converted into text rather than saying “Entity type was not found”.

What would be amazing would be if you could copy across multiple apps so that links between types in one app and types in an other were recreated in the destination workspace, but I imagine that’s a significant challenge.
FWIW I don’t personally need this feature personally, so please don’t work on it fibery(!) I’m just sayin’ :yum:

Anyway it’s probably easier to just copy the entire work space and delete the apps you don’t need :slight_smile:

@ChrisSparkT, thanks!

Good news: Whiteboards are coming next.
Bad news: sharing files and images is a huge pain in the ass for us, so we haven’t included this in our MVP. But we are listening carefully to the feedback — the post-MVP updates might as well include files.

Sharing several connected Apps (or an entire workspace :exploding_head:) is on our radar too. Would be happy to hear use cases from folks in the community.

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You are forgiven for MVP! Embedding images is fairly important for us, but they can be replaced manually in the short term as it in the dozens not the hundreds. Happy to show you what we are working on so you can see the use case.