Clone/Duplicate App Type

Would be great if I can clone a type within an App or into a new App because some types take time to setup that cloning it and then modifying it as please will save time

Noted your feedback (have that idea so deep in the backlog)))
For now, there is a workaround

  1. Move all the Types you want to clone to a separate App (if there is one it’s also OK for sure)
  2. Duplicate App with all the Types your want
  3. Move Types across correct Types and just delete empty Apps

Here you can move Types across Apps
Here you can check how to clone Apps :slight_smile:

Hope this workaround will take less time than just manually duplicating the Type)))


How do we duplicate an App within a Workspace?

Enable sharing as template, rename, and then reimport from sharing link :crossed_fingers:

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