Sync github more often or with webhook

Hi, we use the github sync feature which is max. once per hour. Our devs complaining as it is too late and they would really like to have it more often. Or better triggered by a webhook and syncing quite after a pull request has been created there.

I wonder what they feel in that way. What is behind it, and what is the use case? What do they do with this information immediately?
We channeled the GitHub activity to Slack, and they get immediate information there.
Retrospectively, you can see the whole picture in Fibery a little later.

Our devs move an item to “in review” and shorty before they created a pull request. But the reviewer is then missing the related link in fibery as sync is seldom.

I played around with a hack to use fibery api. First try worked to provide a fibery button to trigger sync. Then I want to see if I can use a webhook to trigger it.

If it works and you are interested in, I can then tell you how.

I got your point. With my clients, someone will rarely start to review the code right after a PR/cards in the review phase. It looks like on your side that things move faster.

And yes, I am interested in your solution, so please keep me in the loop.

So it is possible to trigger the sync from outside. For testing I used a button inside Fibery with JavaScript and it works.

The code will then look like this:

const http = context.getService('http');

const resp = await http.postAsync('', {
    headers: {
        'Authorization': 'Token 3f1e797ae9aee9900555ee5699ae999e888b7421'

The url you can get if using chrome console (F12) to scan the network traffic when pressing the sync button.

To generate a token, there is a manual: Fibery API

I tried to trigger this from github directly, but github does not allow own headers. So the only workaround is by another tool like for example zapier.