Is there a way to trigger integration synchronization?

I might be approaching it wrong but I have an interesting use case for which I’d like to be able to trigger synchronization manually. Wonder if it’s possible to do via API or some other way?

The use case:

There is an enrichment API which allows to get information about jobs from linkedin based on company id.
What I want to do is to create an external action which would trigger pull from enrichment API and then get data to Fibery somehow.

I came up with three approaches:

  1. Direct one - use graphql API to create required types and fill them in. I’m not a big fan of this approach as it would require user to provider fibery token to external action and fiddling with workspace schema seem a bit dodgy.

  2. Client based - Write everything in javascript - and ask users to copy/paste code and API tokens inside it. Yuck even writing this as approach sucks already :smiley:

  3. Indirect - external action + integration app sync.
    a. External action would call API and put enrichment information in some database outside of fibery.
    b. Fibery integration would sync that database to workspace pulling enriched information automatically. This gives user more flexibility in terms of picking what information to sync and which entities they actually want to see syncing.
    c. I need a way to trigger syncing after external action completes to avoid user waiting for another hour to get synced data

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Short answer: it’s not possible to trigger sync from an automation.
But you’re not the first to ask, as I recall.