Webhook Trigger for Rules

If I’m going to use Fibery as a staple for my client’s or my own stack, I need to be able to integrate it with other software I use. The easiest way to do that would be a Webhook Trigger which woud allow us to create a Fibery endpoint and trigger the relevant Rule whenever data is received.

Some of my current use cases which would benefit from this:

  • Creating tasks and sending emails when a third-party webform is received
  • Logging incoming or outgoing calls and linking them to the correct Contact when a number is dialed
  • Sending a Slack notification when a Calendly event is booked
  • Sending a welcome pack and assigning tasks after a contract is signed

I currently have no easy way (i.e. low-code way) to do all that with Fibery.

I know this can be achieved with connectors such as Make and Zapier but these are very pricey and do not scale well when you have high volumes.

Here’s an example from another tool:

Fibery has form view, so it is unlikely that integration with other form software would be prioritised.

What software do you use to log calls?

Fibery integrates with Slack and automations can be made to send notifications when events occur in Fibery.
I’m not sure how/why Fibery could directly help with integrating Calendly with Slack? :thinking:

Fibery automations would allow you to send information to users when something happens (in Fibery). How are you expecting that Fibery would connect to the signing of a contract? Is there specific SW you use for signing?


You could use FIbery’s GraphQL API to create new Fibery entities from your external tools, and that should trigger Fibery’s No-Code automation rules.

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And if you use n8n self hosted, it’s low code plus almost zero costs if you can set up servers and maintain them.

Works like a charm when you have high volumes.