Support Adding Types to People App

I am working through organization of our apps and types so we don’t have too many overlapping apps. One type that I have created is “Organization,” which is related to the Users type that is owned by the People app. I’m trying to keep all my apps as processes, but I’m ending up with something like a “Home” app or something like that to own all the types that don’t make sense to be owned by another app.

Examples are Organization (Product, Marketing, etc), Product (B2B Product Name, B2C Product Name, etc), etc. These are things that define much of our business concepts used across the various apps.

I realized that Organization would likely make more sense in the People app. If we think about these apps as processes, it should contain everything to help in managing people, how they are organized, contact information, etc. Because we can’t create more types in the people app or move types into the people app, we are forced to maintain some other app that contains types about people.


Makes perfect sense!
People App should be an App just like others with its own Types and Access. There is a chance we’ll make it into one as a part of our group permission improvements :crossed_fingers:

Any idea of the ETA for the new permissions model?

Still too early for a decently accurate ETA but we hope to get basic group permissions going in June or July. Please ping us via Intercom if you’d like to jump into the private beta for this thing.

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There is a difference of opinion on whether “People” (i.e. “Users”) should be an “App” or “Type” at all. I think this is actually not intuitive. I imagine you have seen discussion here:

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