Grouping of Apps and Entities [DONE]

Hi guys,

I have had a few situations when building out my Fibery where I wanted to see some groupings in my Apps and entities.

Here are a few examples:

I have some apps for functions across my team, like Marketing, Sales, HR, and others that represent tangible items - assets (computers, etc), Vendors, Customers. I treat these types of entities internally similarly. It would be great if I could group the apps along these lines. Otherwise I was thinking about creating a new app with just the two groups and linking, but that seems like a lot of extra structure I really shouldn’t need

Within Apps I can see this need even more. I have a few types of Vendors I distinguish - Suppliers of stuff like office supplies, phone services, etc. that are not part of my business operations, and then vendors who I work with closely for services integral to my business, like ad campaigns, licensing, etc. They are two different types of Vendors, which I have in an app called “Counterparties” which I also use for Customers. I was thinking should I create a type “Vendor,” then two sub-types “Business Driver Vendors” and “Suppliers?” That seems like overkill, and it occurs to me if I could simply group these Vendors, it would be a simpler set up. Without the extra type to distinguish the two right now, I’m not sure how else to represent these in Fibery. And I don’t want to create the extra App called simply “Vendors” with just two types, either.

Actually, sorry I’m going to edit this because as I think this through, I’m trying to figure out in fact how do you represent a hierarchy in an app? It seems it doesn’t make sense to use the concept of “levels” over 2 deep, as then you get a mid-level that is nothing more than a grouping of real types that have actual entities in them. Am I understanding this correctly? And if so, is there any suggestion on how to handle this right now?


More than new templates, I would love to see new UI/X powers.

  • Pull together docs that have embeds of charts, editable entity tables, etc.
  • Easily group “app” pages in workflows for different uses.
    • GIST Idea entry > Customer discovery OR Competition Research entry AND [finish both to some metric before next] > Product entry


On the left nav, it would be cool to be able to just group the apps for easier viewing, too. They can really pile up! :slight_smile:

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I’m not certain that what you describe is actually what the original request that your topic was merged into is about: “Grouping of Apps and Entities”.

That said, how I read your suggestion is something more like this:


And if that’s the case, then yes, I think that would be a really cool capability to arise out of the Blocks functionality! And it seems just possible that it might (or could). So if my read of your request is correct (setting aside that you end with being able to group apps in left nav), then perhaps this needs to be its own topic.

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This seems like in spirit is related to my original request. Perhaps with some sort of Smart Folders - but Folders that would also exist as “full class citizens” so collect references, be accessible via # mention, etc.

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