Suggestion for how to assign issues to user requestor based on email?

Hello! Here’s a use case that I’m exploring Fibery for. Would love any ideas or suggestions on how to execute this, or a heads up if this should be a feature request! I’m very new to this tool so bear with me if the terminology isn’t exactly right, here is a simplified example of what this might look like if it works.

User + Data Flow:

  1. Submit issue or idea request via form (Google Form, Typeform, etc). Fields captured include issue name, description, and the user’s email.
  2. Zapier adds the new issue to Fibery. Issue fields include the issue name, description, the user’s email, and a lookup to the user in Fibery.
  3. Fibery (or Zapier) uses the email input to connect the Issue to the appropriate user.


  • I couldn’t figure out a way to have Fibery assign the correct user. Would this be something that could be solved with the API?
  • Is there a way to identify a lookup based on an input value? In Salesforce this can be achieved using the Flow tool declaratively, and probably programmatically as well.
  • Are there upcoming feature releases that would make this need less relevant? E.g. email to Fibery similar to what Clickup has, or form creation from Fibery?



You can achieve step 3. by using an auto-relation.
Instead of using the Assignment extension, create a relationship between the Issue type and the User type, and set it to automatically link when the value of the Issue field used for email (added by Zapier) matches the email field for the User.

The disadvantage of this is that these sort of relationships to Users don’t provide the notification functionality that the Assignment extension does, but if you can live with that, it gets you what you wanted.
Hopefully, a more developed notification functionality won’t be too long coming :slight_smile:
See here and here and here.


Chris, thanks for the promo of this one, which I’ll embed in case somebody else didn’t take a moment and clickthrough:

Did you see this post recently in Twitter?

Our work in progress:

🤖 Automatically generate Name using a text formula
🦚 Share the whole workspace as a template
🧶 Jira Integration
🥶 Documents and Entities sharing

Fibery 2.0 is close...

— Fibery (@fibery_io) October 23, 2020

The one at the bottom that includes “…Entities sharing” has really raised my hopes that we’ll get a kind of “watcher” you have in other apps. I could really use this, struggling with my team now without that functionality. This is such a basic feature of just about every other tool we’ve used.

This is amazing, thank you!