Set up Notifications for Secondary User Fields

I have created a ‘Reviewer’ field (Relation -> User) for our tickets in our Fibery instance, and am looking for suggestions on how to have adding a user to the Reviewer field generate the same notifications that the Assignee field does. For instance,

  • Ticket created, assigned to Bob -> Bot gets email/slack
  • Ticket ready for review, reviewer is Joe -> Joe gets email/slack

Is there a known way to do this beyond also adding the reviewer into the Assignee field?

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I think Assignees is the only field that automatically generates notifications, so any other field that is a relationship to a user does not have this function.

However, I suspect you could probably create an action button so that a message is sent to the person listed in the ‘Reviewer’ field any time it is clicked.
There’s an example for sending a Slack message here:

I’m not sure how you would do it for email.

Alternatively you could try using Zapier: first create a lookup column in fibery to get the email of the person(s) in the Reviewer field, and then use Zapier to send an email whenever a fibery item changes, with the recipient(s) set to be the fibery email field you just defined.
Assuming you don’t have many items changes per month, you might even get all of this under the Zapier free plan.


I have also created a request for this functionality:

It would follow that a “watcher” type of user would also be incorporated into Notifications, as is the case with most other Work Management apps.

Feel free to add a " :heart:" vote for that as it’s the only way I know in this community to “upvote” requests!

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