[✔️] Generating notifications as part of "actions"/automation

If I recall correctly there is a significant feature planned for implementing “actions”, i.e. automation, where we can setup conditions to evaluate and actions to execute when they are true. I imagine this may already be part of the plan, but I wanted to make sure that one of the available actions will be “generate notification”. Ideally it would allow for creating notifications for a specific user or users, keyed off of an assignee, but also the option of notifying everyone, if desired. Or people of a certain user group (i.e. admin vs. user). This could be very powerful and useful, especially once the notification system itself (UI/UX, mainly) gets improved as well.

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Support this 100%! And can’t wait for automations. You are right, there has been discussion and I have good faith Fibery will do a great job with them!

I wanted to add here that it would be very useful if you could apply this Notification automation to certain fields, and set up rules as such.

So for example, your “Date” field would be able to trigger notifications if it became “less than” now, such as “overdue.”

Another use would be tie-in to Workflow. If somebody changes to “closed,” which has a certain distinction already in the Workflow Extension, that could trigger a Notification.

This relates to this request, which I think is specifically talking about this functionality on a “user” type field:

This has really been hard for my team, who has to keep looking in Fibery to see where things are assigned, overdue, completed, etc. having relied on notifications for this in the past, since this is a typical feature of most competent Work Management tools.

And as always, would love any guidance from the Fibery team about this. Notifications/Actions are a big piece I am waiting on and haven’t seen a tweet or mention of them in quite a while!


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Yes, I think it would be great if triggering notifications were just another “action” that could occur on certain conditions of any field, which presumably is what the automations system will allow.

Improvement of the notifications system itself overall may be a separate issue. Although I could also see it being handled essentially through the idea of this approach above, all driven by automations. With just some default rules that get created from maybe the Workflow extension, e.g. as you describe “notify when date is today or later AND status is Open” or whatever would get automatically added as a rule when that extension was enabled.

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Implemented in latest release

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