Select Multiple (or All) Entities in Activity Log (and/or Trash)?

Sorry if this is already stated somewhere and I’ve just missed it (I’ve not been able to find it anywhere), but I have a question — and if there might be a way to do this then I would so appreciate any assistance that someone might be willing and able to provide.

Specifically, my question is this: In Activity Log (and/or Trash), is there any way to select multiple (and/or to select all) entities?

Unlike in table view (where generally all entities can be selected by clicking the “master” checkbox at the top of the main column), there does not here appear to be any select-multiple (or select-all) functionality. I hope that I am wrong about this, and if I am then I would so appreciate any assistance on this (and if I’m not, then I’d strongly suggest this as a new feature).

(Use Case: I inadvertantly deleted nearly 200 entities this morning, and I’d love to restore them all without having to check nearly 200 checkboxes.)

In any event, my many thanks to all and any assistance would be so appreciated!

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