Multiselect and bulk operations in lists and boards?

I was wondering if I missed to see how to select multiple entities in lists and boards?

Selecting multiple items is currently only possible in table view.
What operations did you have in mind?

I think there is an interesting discussion to have (or maybe is already?) un user experience and needs of the different types of users of Fibery. I worked as organizational system developer of an international movement in which the tech department was dominating the strategy of development which was eventually not helpful for the majority of the members, which had other needs.

I actually prevent using tables at the moment, because they are good for data entry but not for daily actual use of the system by the majority of my teams who are 95% of the time navigating and finding content and thus don’t like to click to the left of a table row, or have to click the Alt button to not edit a title field.

But regarding the operations in (mostly list) views:

  • Bulk select (either checkbox or ctrl-select)
  • Bulk relationship creation/connection
  • Bulk conversion to other entity type
  • Bulk delete