[DONE] Table View - Select All Entities In View

Would it be possible to add the select/check all entities button from the original table view to the new table view? I didn’t realize it was missing until I had to select a bunch of entities for a button automation and realized that scrolling all the way from the top to the bottom and using Shift + Click was my only option. It is a much faster and smoother experience with batch actions on larger numbers of entities.

Here is an example (apologies I didn’t have many screenshots of the original table/DB view):


Meanwhile, Ctrl+A works, after you’ve selected a single entity with the mouse.

Thanks for the tip! It seems to work well on Chrome but just selects the page text on Safari.

I recently swapped from Chrome to Safari because Chrome is generally too slow these days but I notice Safari seems quite buggy in Fibery.

Some update: it’s added as a native action :slight_smile: