Row Pivots: a powerful feature for board and list views


Please review the Pivot feature of the following tool:

Basically, it is like a subgrouping or sub-rows in a board view. This concept can be applied to the rows of the board views for very powerful all-in-one views. Currently, achieving the same result requires creation of multiple boards in Fibery.

The same concept can even be applied to columns of a board and also in list views in future, but just row pivoting will be extremely useful.




We have rows/cols grouping in our scope. Priority is not high so far though.


I understand priority not being high - many other more essential features need to be incorporated prior to this. And the basics should work flawlessly first!

Just thought it will be very useful and in fact a differentiator, too.


I also agree with this. You guys have decent swim lanes so far - although I could use some more instruction on how to use them - but even more ability to pivot, or add sub columns at the top, to create for example a User Story Map set up like discussed here:

would be very useful.


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