Clickability of entities that are lanes in Board View, and some ideas for swimlanes v.2

Hey guys,

Really love the board view that you guys have in v.1 here with Swimlanes out of the box, great start and I look forward to even more “slicing” capability with hopefully increased ability to group in this view, such as making a User Story Map with the additional level of backbone:

Some stuff I like is here:

Here is the Favro set up: I’m not sure anybody out there will be up for putting in the effort to read through this, but the gist is that they are suggesting setting up two boards to show the breakdown of what is basically one whole “list,” or say Epic’s, worth of user stories. The first board is “v.1” with just the name of the group of the stories, the 2nd is “v.2,” so another board, with the stories themselves, but no further reference to the “parent” epic in v.1, so that’s a little harder when viewing say in a meeting, as you lose context.

What is nice is the reference in each card via link to the other location of the card, I’d love to set that up in Fibery, too.

This shows that extra lane of “backbone” I spoke of:

Anyway, what I wanted to request for now is to allow entities that are representing the lanes to be clickable. I was just using one of my boards, and tried to click an entity that’s a row, but it doesn’t work. It’s a small nuisance, but that forced me to go find the “search” box and go to that entity to open it up, when I could have just gotten there a few clicks faster if that lane was clickable.

Thanks guys!

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User story mapping is a very important need for software development. I agree whiteboard or board view should have support for this.

@B_Sp In fact you may click on entities in rows. The trick is hold Alt and click. This pattern works almost everywhere, including drop downs. Check these gifs:

@mdubakov Thanks, you have actually shown this trick in the past, I think at this point I will remember it. Great that the capability it there. Have you guys thought about making this a hotlink in the future or more readily visible? As I add my team into Fibery, it may be easier for them if it was more obvious how to do this.

Thanks again!

@B_Sp Yeah, we have this in plans. This pattern is impossible to find, but very useful. We’ll think how to solve it.