Reduce Number of Clicks Necessary to create new entities with Names Generated by Formula in Grid View

In Table view: when creating a new row when the Name is Generated by Formula, one click creates the row.

In the new Grid View: One must click and then press “Enter”. There is no way to create this row with just the mouse without it disappearing. This is unintuitive, as the natural instinct is to click to create the row, and then click over into the relevant field (NOT Name) to fill it out (because Name is automatically generated)

Our use case: We have a Rolodex with Freelancers/Vendors, and a number of Projects, each of which hires a number of them. As such, we have a Database called “Engagements” representing each individual engagement of Freelancer and Project. The Name for these is formula generated, as the most relevant “key” comes from a combination of Relations: To Project and to Person/Company. When using the grid view, clicking to create a new row starts the creation of the row, but requires an “enter” keystroke, otherwise it aborts the operation. This makes sense when the name is not auto-generated: If nothing is entered in name, the operation should be aborted. However, in this case, it is not relevant. And because the most pertinent field to fill out next is a Relation field with a dropdown tab, the intuition is to continue to use the mouse and click over to it.

Proposed Solution: Functionality remains the same when Name is not formula generated. However, if Name is generated by Formula, the row should be automatically created in a single click.

Or click the “+” icon (in the bottom row) TWICE :thinking:
But it’s still going to move.

Ah that is helpful! I didn’t realize I could just click that “+” again :see_no_evil: