Quick-Create an Entity

A global hotkey would be amazing, to, from anywhere in the app, create an entity – ideally without having to use the mouse.

Best case UX, in my mind:

  1. CTRL / CMD something pops a modal with input focus:
  2. “What would you like to create”, and I can type “Ta…” and be shown “Task” (or whatever entity I wish). Press enter to select.
  3. “Enter name for “Task”” – Input the task name, hit enter, and it’s created. Ability to open the newly-created task in a pane, if desired (maybe press “o” while the toast-style notification is visible, similar to undoing trashing an entity)

I know this can be done through the global search, but I’d argue that search is an unusual spot to tuck quick task creation in. It also requires tabbing over to the entity-type selection before you’re given the option to create something new.

I also know you can quick create via the “#” shortcut, but this is of course only while typing in a rich-text area.

Yes yes yes! This one of my biggest friction points right now. The current options to do this are way too clunky.

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I was thinking about this today.

I conceptualized a simple button (though I agree shortcuts are great - I just do those at an OS level).

I think this is “weirdly missing” for users - particularly those - who are trying to use Fibery as a tool or a PKM and/or really using the document/rich text field methodology (looking like Coda or Obsidian or Notion) - or note taking (OneNote, Evernote) vs. those who are building stuff and/or using it more on the database level (ala airtable) or an app builder or the like.

Fibery personally resonates with me on a “more robust than Notion” level - “way more robust than google docs” level - and an amazing way to view relations and database functionality in a visual, visually-appealing way. Some supposedly think better visually and clearly I am in that camp.

So coming from using the first category of tools it’s especially jarring because you can navigate through the program (like you’re in a note-taking tool) and often not intuitively grasp how to create a note.

I realized it boils down to this (for me at least):

If I’m in Obsidian or OneNote I always know where the ‘+’ or ‘create note’ button is, whereas when navigating through Fibery - for those trying to use it this way (and maybe others not so much using it this way) - it is confusing because there is no one place to always go when you want to create something.

Views have it:

But “document looking” entities and documents don’t:



Also, though less important, the admin area doesn’t either:


All of those things have APPROXIMATELY the same space, so putting a button (anywhere up top right - but ideally always to the far right next to the ellipses & X would be ideal).

So it would be like this: + | … | x

Or, instead of just + it could have the actual button which is awesome but perhaps too complicated for a first or second implementation:

And the beauty of that is they are always going to be the same character width on every screen regardless of underlying content.

A ‘+’ at the bottom left navigation bar could also work, particularly if stays visible even if you hide the navigation. Not as good IMO, but if I recall correctly Obsidian had it there.

A button at the top left (by logo) could work, too. Again, not as good IMO.

Any always seen button that is as close as possible to always in the same place is a win. The following as options are already in place:

Perhaps you could add a second highlighted area under AI View (beta) that looks a bit differently and says Entity - and then does anything - a popup, a new page, frankly anything better than nothing at all.

As a first step the above seems quite doable. What you do as a second and third step could be better and more sophisticated.

In the short term you can use this solution:

Create a New Folder or Document called - + View
Create a New Smart Folder called - + Entity

Couple of observations

Fibery is not primarily targeted at PKM use.

This also means that it supports multiple possible permissions configurations, including where some users will not have permission to create new entities (or may be able to create some types but not others).

These tools only have a single type of object - a note. A Fibery workspace will have multiple entity types, so the act of creating an entity will inevitably need to be more complicated, since it involves specifying the intended type.

This is not to say that entity creation can’t be made easier, just that the ultimate end goal, and the way it is implemented, may not please all users.

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Absolutely, you captured my friction with the current implementation perfectly!

I’m trying to switch over to Fibery from another PM app, and this is a sticking point oddly enough! For context, oftentimes I’ll be on a call with a client and need to jot some action items down.

Needless to say, while multitasking during a call, talking, sometimes while screensharing, etc, it can by quite cumbersome to “quickly” jot something down and create an entity.

I also recognize that there’s more to this than we’re realizing, of course – entities are quite complex and custom in Fibery vs something like Notion or ClickUp. But I’d be thrilled with an implementation that asks the minimal information (similar to the Search menu’s quick create).

Chris, I don’t doubt you at all. But in my time here I’ve seen quite a few users who ARE using it / trying to use it in other ways than you intend it.

I’m aware it is much more than a note and am aware of the complexities, hence why I tried to make what I perceive as easier first steps.

So you guys know - there are people using it in a pkm/note way - and navigating through the app and not immediately remember/knowing how/where to add something is much more jarring than I have a feeling you may realize. You could certainly say screw it to all the people attempting to use it this way, but I don’t think you need to.

Hey here is a quick workaround I just did that will at least help you:

In the short term you can use this solution:

Create a New Folder or Document called - + View
Create a New Smart Folder called - + Entity

Save each of them as favorites, putting them to the top of your favorites list - always visible there.

For the + View when you hover over you’ll get the built-in ‘+’ button for various views and folders.

For the + Entity - add the rows/database you want when configuring the Smart Folder, and then you’ll always get the built-in ‘+’ - covering as many different database you want.

Note that I filter the smart folder so it only shows a day’s worth or maybe a week’s worth otherwise it grows too big - not totally ideal since the Smart Folder expands, but it helps!

Absolutely right, there are.

I’m not saying screw it to anyone, just trying to set expectations. Features that are likely to be solely/mostly popular with PKM users are unlikely to be prioritised highly.

It’s a nice workaround :+1:

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Very nice workaround, Robert! I’ve implemented this for now – hoping that something more native gets added at some point, but this at least gives me quick task adder from anywhere in the app :slight_smile:

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Interestingly a lot of newer tools now have a “Command Palette” that in some cases includes general Search (text in entities/notes) as well as new note creation in the same dialog. This is somewhat similar to what you can do with Fibery’s Search. Of course it’s not the only way to create new notes in most apps, so it’s a fair point. I do think a simple, global New Entity shortcut (which then goes into the Database selection flow, etc.) makes perfect sense to add though. It could also (optionally?) be a permanent part of the left-side menu. :thinking: And I’d point out that I do not think this is only of use or interest to PKM people/use cases.