Question re: Lackluster Form-View Functionality/Appearance

Hello everyone. I’m trying to create a form for use in collecting responses by sharing the form via a generated sharing link.

My question is — is there any way to fix any of the following (somewhat lackluster) things?:

  1. In relation fields . . . the utter lack of any ability to filter/sort the universe of entities available for linking.

  2. In relation fields, with respect to the entities available for linking, the total absence of the usual visual appearance of such entities (e.g., the lack of color, database icon/color, avatar, etc.).

My many thanks in advance for any insights on this. Thank you.

  1. No, but relation filters on form view is a feature in the backlog
  2. If you’re filling in a field on a form, there should only be one type of entity to choose from, so not sure why you’d need to show database colour :-/
    If you mean showing information other than just the name field, then no, but again, there is a feature in the backlog to provide more details of entities in drop down lists (not just for form view but other places as well)
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Thank you, Chris. I think this is a pretty crucial functionality, and I look forward to it (hopefully) being implemented sometime in the near future!

You’re right that there’s no need to show an entity’s database color/icon in this context, just like there’s never any such need to show an entity’s database color/icon. In my view, the showing of the color/icon here in this context — just like in any other context — makes everything look better and more visually appealing/categorized/cohesive/professional/cool, and therefore also more functional. I wonder: why do/should entities available for relation/linking in form-view appear as antiseptic, boring, unpolished, basic, anemic, black-and-white things rather than in the color-coded, cohesive, awesome way in which they organically appear in literally every other Fibery view?

Well actually, there are many places where it’s possible that entities from multiple databases can be visible at the same time (list, board, grid, timeline, calendar…) and so distinguishing them by db is useful.
My point was merely that the picker on form view is not one of these such situations.

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