Personal work management: view to mark entities without affecting other views, and maybe more

There’s a gap between personal todo management software (Todoist, Things, Checkvist, etc) and shared-work management software (Targetprocess, Pivotal Tracker, Trello, Asana, etc) and one hope I have for Fibery is to provide a seamless experience that covers both domains.

I personally alternate between email inbox and Checkvist as the source of things to do at work. I prioritize which one to do first in Checkvist using the FVP method. Replicating this in Fibery requires being able to somehow quickly put a mark on entities: e.g. Checkvist has shortcut keys to change the background color or the text color of an entry; Trello has shortcut keys to apply a label to a card.

Editing the title to put a textual marker at the front would also work, so quickly marking entities might be a nice-to-have… It’s useful in meetings too though, to show which entity is the focus of the discussion.

Some people might want to rank entities in a personal view independently of the global rank to prioritize them.

One useful thing about personal todo management software being separate from a shared issue tracker is you’re free to add personal errands or work tasks that are out of scope of the shared issue tracker: replicating this in Fibery might look like having an entity type that’s private by default, or configuring a view so that new entities created through that view is private by default.