Option to "grey out"

For the pre-configured “State” field, the value “Done” (or whatever you name the last state on the list) is configured to grey out the belonging entity in within entity view. See example:

It would be nice to have that option for a) other states, either by being able to select within the edit view here:

for ALL single select fields, not just pre configured.

Or, an option within the color coding filter:

You can already configure that for other states – but I agree that it’s kind of like a hidden feature :sweat_smile:

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This is very good to know, but maybe I’d want “dropped” projects to be greyed out as well without having to see checkmark.

Obviously a very minor and unimportant thing :sweat_smile:

I understand and to do that the only way I found was to implement my own “Status” field:

  • based on the single select field where you define the status you want
    • bonus point you can choose a nice icon
  • you also add a “State” field with the Open & Done states
  • Do not expose the "State field
  • Create an automation mapping
    • your “open” Statuses to the Open state
    • and your final statuses like “Dropped” in your case to the Done state

You can obtain something like