Feb 22, 2024 / State types, resizable Timeline lanes

:checkered_flag: State Types

One of the most recurring confusions across Fibery have been why cards in some states are greyed out:

my tasks are dimming even when i have marked the state as “awaiting others.” (a GTD convention). what am i doing wrong?

and why some states have a checkmark while others don’t:

Hi, I’m having trouble making a workflow state be the final one. If i create a new state it juste adds it as another step in the process.

Previously, this depended on a well-hidden Final checkbox. From now on, the Workflow Field features state types instead.

Drag’n’drop a state to Finished to grey out the cards and get a checkmark:

Also, feel free to distinguish between Not started and Started states: this only adjusts the progress icon for now but later will be used in cycle time and flow efficiency calculations.

Check out more details in the Workflow Field guide.

:straight_ruler: Resizable Lanes on Timeline


Our Timeline View is full of papercuts, and we are fixing the first one today. If the lane section is too narrow and the names are cut, you are now able to resize it.

:butterfly: Minor Improvements

  • There is a new easier-to-find > icon for hiding the right column on Entity View. We also remember the collapsed state per User per Database now.
  • If you @mention yourself, you won’t get a notification (“improvement” reverted).
  • Your preferred date and time format is applied in the Report filters and integration configuration.

:scientist: There have been no improvements to expanded pinned Fields as we consider alternative approaches to the Entity View layout.

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Weird navigation bug: wrong entity has unexpectedly loaded on the right panel
  • New Table view (grid): if user scrolls down, opens entity and returns back to table, it scrolls up to the top
  • “Could not load source info” message once account start being invalid
  • Automatically watch entities I add into Favorites should also work for Documents
  • Loader blinking when changing value for Reference Unit/Collection Unit
  • Slack bot duplicates entries
  • UI is broken when you press Cmd+K with opened comments
  • There is no Open in a new tab option for Spaces
  • Changing comments order does not work

Love this release :star_struck::star_struck: These kind of improvements give such joy on a daily basis. Thank you so much guys! :heart:


Really curious :star_struck: I hope we can also edit pinned/left column fields in the future. That’s currently not possible (i.e. edit a state field, change the name of a field, delete a field etc.) and therefor we can’t work without the right column.


This is so much better!!! Great update


Don’t undersell this feature. It’s a huge quality of life improvement!

Also love the improved state type management stuff. :slight_smile:


What’s the right way to use state types in formulas?

It seems to accept string values without an error, but then when I try and filter an array on it, it doesn’t seem to work.

Related_Entity.Filter(State.Type = “Not Started”).Sort().First() isn’t working for me.

“Not Started” “Not started”

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Is there any change on Calendar View?
I am using Stylus to customize css tofill an entity with one color. The customization not work today.

Love that y’all are trying to improve the workflows, and I think this is a step into the right direction. However, I wish that things would have gone a bit further and also support an Archive state:

With many entities (e.g. offices, vendors, employees, customers, systems, environments, features etc.) there is a need to sunset/archive them in a way that the information is still in Fibery, but clearly not active anymore.

Ideally, that should be a perpendicular dimension so that I can archive something that’s Released or something that’s In Progress to go with your example.

Also, based on workflow, sometimes I may want to grey out (and give less priority when searching) all items that are finished while sometimes I may wanna grey out only what’s archived. For example, tasks would be greyed out once finished, while for my features we probably want a state like Released to mean finished but a state like Deprecated to be archived and greyed out.


PS: I noticed that the status now has a Type text field taht behaves like a formula? Interesting approach. Hope that allows for more flexibility. :nerd_face:

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:tada: :pray:

No, at least not intentionally — perhaps, this is a butterfly effect from updating a component somewhere else but hard to say…

Unfortunately, custom CSS is a fragile technique so we can offer no guarantees here.

There’s no reason why you can’t add a field (e.g. checkbox) to support an ‘Archive’ option for workflow states, which would allow you to do various useful things (e.g. filter out items based on State.Archive = true

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t have all the workspace implications that the workflow final state has (e.g. greying out in search)

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State Types is a pretty amazing improvement. I used it in Clickup a lot. Thanks!

That is exactly what I have done in a good amount of entities. And I think 70% of my entities have a state field. So yeah, I love the solution given for the Finished state, I’d just want more.

Alternatively, if I can add two workflows, then that’s also solved. I can technically use the approach you have with the Users and have an Active? checkbox.
Sadly, all these approaches do not bring the benefits of greying out or automatic filtering/prioritising search results, etc.

As we see in my linked item, some others share my needs. :slight_smile:
Anyway, thanks for the improvement already. :smiley:

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The collapsed state per user per database is huge! this is something I asked in this post. I wanted to hide, but collapsing is good enough!

Love the release, I hope performance improvements are coming soon for the “new” table view