Once a relation is set, there's no changing? (and other fun)

Hi - not so sure what this is (issue? Feature request? Etc?), but, after I noticed you had added GIST planning and OKRs etc (thanks!), I tried it out. When adding some relations to other entites in the schema in app setup, I hastily clicked save without thinking too much about it. However, later when I realized that a Dept might have multiple GIST Goals, and wanted to change from 1:m to m:m relation, I see that that part is now read only.

I can understand this from a data management perspective. If you allow changing of this it’s likely to get ugly fast.

So, if it’s so critical to make the right decision when you set the app up, may I suggest you make that more clear in the app setup, saying “you cannot change this later!” or something, in big red letters :slight_smile:

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Annd, when I delete and re-add, this time making Goal:Department m:m, and Goal:Team m:m, I get:

 Name clojure.core$name@554d01cf length exceeds current max type name length limit 64


Ok, interesting:

  • added GIST app, setting Goal:Department, and Goal:Team as 1:m
  • added a goal and a couple ideas
  • tried linking Dept/Team and realized the setup was 1:m
  • removed and re-added app, selecting m:m for those relations, but got clojure error I mentioned just above
  • unset the m:m relations and saved the app
  • added a goal and a couple ideas again, but
  • noticed that the initial data from when the app was first added, is kind of “leaking” into the app space.
    • I readded a goal, and saw that its description was the same as what I wrote before I deleted and readded
    • I see the old ideas flash then disappear and I can add new ones over them

I just tried to make a screencast of it, but, it happened once more, but I cannot get it to recur.

Maybe it’s related to the Ids being reused or, just that a script is taking time to delete the data from the schema when you remove and re-add the app…


GIST app is not ready yet. Some formulas are missing and calculated fields. We hope it will be ready in 2 weeks or so.

We definitely should improve error handling, tooltips and various informers, this will be done soon.

As for the error, we will check it out and try to reproduce.

Yep, I’m sure you’re in the middle of everything. Just wanted to feedback what I’m observing.

@rickcogley That’s really helpful :slight_smile:

Any updates for this requets?