[✔︎ FIXED] Renaming relation names breaks board views if Columns/Rows get affected by the renaming saying "Invalid query"


Renaming relation names breaks board views in general but even after reselecting the appropriate relation names in the Columns and/or Rows combo list and then reselecting the card units to display, the board still is broken - saying “Cannot display filters in visual way”, even if there was no Filter applied to the board before the change.

The root cause of all these three breaking dependencies seem to be the fact that instead of actual relations, relation names are being used for programmatic correlations.

Currently, clicking on Clear Filters button restores board view.


@Shafqat_Ullah This problem is fixed

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With these fixes, a major category of problems are now solved. Thanks to the team!

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whenever we chane name of ettity , the system too crahes , some practical tipes need to be given , folowed such as via clear filter
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