[✔︎ FIXED] Renaming Label of the name of the Relation breaks Board view


The Rows and Columns configurations of the board view apparently are linked to the label/name of the relation instead of the name of the Type. If the intended design is indeed to keep label/name of the relation, then changing the label of the relation should not break board view immediately like it is doing now. This change should be transparently reflected in the board configuration without breaking the board view (making it unloadable).


@Shafqat_Ullah Yes, you are right. This is known problem and we will fix it in near future.

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Fixed in latest build

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Thanks for all these fixes @mdubakov

start in wiki app ,an entity simply crashes when i just put in favourirtes made revision in name , even now i am not able to recover back it , an good entity boar view , wish this fixed return bak start under my app beta test
https://greenfuelfood.fibery.io/fibery/settings/domain @mdubakov @Shafqat_Ullah @antoniokov @alex