[✔︎ FIXED] Can't create a specific relation


  1. I had the following structure: Product → Capability.

  2. I had to introduce another level named “Capability Area” in the middle so that the structure becomes: Product → Capability Area → Capability. In order to do that, I renamed the existing “Capability” type to “Capability Area”.

  3. Then I added a new type named Capability under Capability Area, thereby achieving Product → Capability Area → Capability.

  4. For a productive board view to manipulate the relations, I need the Capabilities as cards, Products as columns and Capability Areas as rows. For this, I need a relationship from Product to Capabilities directly, too*. But the problem is now I can’t create a simple relation from Product to Capability entity or vice versa as seen in the screenshot below:

I have a hunch that this is being caused due to the system getting confused because of the old “Capability” type that was later renamed to “Capability Area” - I had seen such stale type names in the exported JSON in general (but didn’t analyze further for this case).

*BTW, this is an example where “Extended or Derived” relationship concept could otherwise help and not require explicit relations beween all levels in a relationship hierarchy or chain.

Yup! Must be the stale type name references! I just renamed the “Capability” to “Product Capability” and now the relation can be created without any error message.

The underlying bug should be fixed asap - otherwise exports won’t work correctly and such type renaming is a common need.

I think the following bug is related to this bug:

Fixed in latest build

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Thanks @mdubakov!