[✔︎ FIXED] Possibility to create multiple relations to one entity type

For example: I have a need to track employees as entities. I would like to link those entities to user twice: Responsible HR, Responsible Functional Manager.
I can’t create a link between Employee(new entity) and User for 2nd time - error message is shown stating that such kind of link already exists. Yet I need 2nd relation of the same type.


Yes, this should be supported.

Hi @mdubakov,

Is this feature possible? It’s actually a much needed feature.

It will indeed cause much complexity to handle nested relations from the type to same type - but there’s much value to this.

For example, I can have a Task type and the Task type can have both parent and children of Task type itself - thereby eliminating the need for going for the mostly same types “Subtask” or “Large Task”/“Work” etc.


This bug is fixed today

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