Basic Relation between the same Type

Hi again guys,

I was trying to set up a relation between entities in the same type. I wanted to create a “related to” simple relation, similar to what you can do in Jira, Github, some other apps. I wanted to have this “many-to-Many” as there could be a need for a couple of such relations in an entity.

I notice though when I do this with the same entity Type, I get two fields on the entity. When I relate between any other entities, you only have the one field. I could see that this could be useful if you wanted to create a outward/inward relation, this is actually a good feature of Jira that is useful:

But I’d like to also be able to create a simple relation between entities in the same Type, but many-to-Many. Is this something you guys would consider adding?


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Bidirectional links between entities of the same type would be very useful. Bidirectional links with associated semantic meaning would be amazing. Then be able to generate network diagram in whiteboard [falls backwards in chair etc]

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Great, glad you like the idea and welcome to the community!

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We are thinking about that, but first we’ll implement back-references and highlights, maybe it will solve some parts of the problem.


I think the contexual back-refs are amazing and solve a large part of the problem. I will say I still have use-cases where I’d love un-directed/bi-directed links still.

Not a huge priority, just wanted to register that it still would be great!


Yes, thanks @colman. I still have need for the actual Relations vs. Bi-Directional. The views, for Example, are very well-thought out when you have a Relation vs. just a “mention” via Highlights aka “Bi-Directionals.” And Formulas, and to come Automations, I believe won’t work without a relation?


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