New relation to the same entity type could be more intuitive

When adding a field to an Entity that refers to itself:

…but IMO it’s rather unobvious how the relationships work and what the fields I will end up with are.

Good things:

  • The suggested field name is “Users” which helps me realise I’m going to get a one:many relationship
  • The “Direction” panel has the “one” relationship first followed by the “many” relationship

Bad things:

  • As soon as I type “Manager” into the field name, I feel rather lost - which end of the relationship is which? In the UI it’s all just “User”
  • It says “Add field” on the button but I actually get two fields, one at each end
  • I don’t get to name the other field that gets created at the other end of the relationship - it just gets created as “Users”; I should be able to name it as “Reports” in the same step

Perhaps the UI could look like this instead:

Note that most of the above is probably valid for adding any relationship, and not just one that references the same entity type. Adding a relationship to the same type is most confusing, though.

This is a very good point and an interesting solution.

Maybe it could be even simpler…

For self-relations:

For inter-db relations:


Yes, this has bugged me for a long time! Love the mockups, that definitely shows a more intuitive approach IMO.