How to create e.g. "blocking" relationship in entities

I try to setup Feature A ticket → blocks → Feature B ticket kind of relationship (same database relationship)

But when I create Feature - Feature relationship of any kind (one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many) I have 2 new fields in the database for this relationship.

Could you pls advice how to implement the relationship and have 1 field?

There are two fields to represent the two directions of the relationship. In your case, this means that one field should perhaps be renamed ‘Is blocking’ and the other field renamed ‘Is blocked by’.

For Feature A, if you add Feature B to the ‘Is blocking’ field, when you open Feature B you will see Feature A automatically showing in the ‘Is blocked by’ field.

There is no way to have a single field if it is a self-relation.

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