Relation with property (junction table)

Case: relation without properties
Types: Recipe and Product.
Relation: there is a product in many recipes and one recipe contains many products (many-to-many)
Solution: two tables

Case: relation with property
Types: Recipe, Product and ProductRecipe
Relation: there is a product in the recipe with a certain gram and vice-versa
Solution: three tables

In result of second solution i have this table:

Table of ProductRecipes

And it’s not convenient cause i can’t click to Product or Recipe cell and open it’s entity, this table allows me only change it, also i must have one ephemeral type, that not represent real entity.
How to properly solve “relation with property” problem?

Maybe guys you were considering about lightweight relation types with ability to storing information there instead of creating new type?

How Airtable solving this problem: Link

You can do it in fact. Hold Option/Alt key and click the Product or Recipe in the table. It will open in a popup.

We do have this in mind, but not sure when we’ll get to it.

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Thanks, i’ve tried Ctrl + click and Shift + click, but I didn’t have enough :smile:

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