[✔︎ FIXED] Error when trying to set any relation between apps

Failed to update app settings

Spec assertion failed nil - failed: uuid? in: [:id] at: [“fibery.object/delete” :id] spec: :events.spec/id

Hello, Eugene!

I failed to reproduce this error situation :frowning:
I mean i connected User Story with Project using one to many cardinality successfully .

Can you retry please this action one more time and tell me if it is ok.


p.s. we have bug in logging so i can’t look into error context of your operation. Currently we’ve fixed logging so any errors will be collected on our side with more error context.

Hey Andrew,

I am still able to reproduce.
This error happens when I go to Install Apps -> Configure (on Projects for example) - then choose relation and press Update App.
However I was able to build same relation via Customize Domain -> select Project -> Add field or extension -> Relation to…



fix is in production.

Thank you for detailed explanations and patience!

P.s. I could not reproduce the issue because of prod/dev environment invariant check logic mismatch. Now this mismatch is resolved.


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