Old table views not accounted for in the Views count of a Database

Mandatory screenshot :sweat_smile: – we should have “3” instead of “2” ↓

The only “missing” views are Table – observed on multiple DBs. The only explanation I found is that these tables were created before the introduction of the new Grid/Table view.

Can you share a screenshot of what you see when you click on the Views button.
FYI, it is possibly unintuitive, but the count of views includes the DB config page itself.

Yes, I know that the DB itself count as 1 :sweat_smile:


I have 2 views in addition to the DB view itself.

I don’t get it. The count shows 2 views, and there are 2 listed (if you include db view in the count).
What do you think is wrong?
Is there a view that you think should be listed, but isn’t.

I created 2 views for this DB and only 1 is shown. The missing one is old and I suspect it is missing because it is on old Table View.

Where is the missing one located?
AFAIK all ‘old’ Table views were upgraded