Quickly see what database a view is based on

I may be missing something obvious, but when click on a view in the left sidebar, I don’t see a way to see what database that view is based on. (example view in first screenshot)

If I navigate to the view via the database itself, I see the db as a small vertical ribbon to the right of the left sidebar (second screenshot).

Is there a way to toggle this small vertical ribbon on/off and/or have it on as a default?

It should be noted that in your example, there are actually 3 different entity types being shown in the list.
The ‘ribbon’ is actually present just as a way of showing the previous view (Key Activities database config page in this case) collapsed but still accessible.
Also, this particular view is not accessible to non-creators, so it wouldn’t be wise to show it as a ‘ribbon’ in general.

I think the general assumption is that the title of the view would indicate to a user what db(s) is(are) being viewed.
If it needs to be made more explicit, you can enable the database badges (as you have done in the first view).

Of course, interested to hear feedback here from other users.

Hi @Chr1sG, some follow-up questions/comments

  1. 3 different entity types - right, this may not have been the simplest example to use (took me a while to even see why this is relevant)
  2. As a creator (or for any creator), I want the ability to quickly see what db(s) a view is based on. It’s okay for non-creators to not be able to see that.

Here’s another example that may help clear up the desired goal. In this view, the only db being referenced is Task in the Startup Launch space. When I view this view, no matter how I navigate to it, I want to be able to clearly see that it’s based on the Task db. If it was based a combination of multiple databases, I’d want to see all the dbs involved. A badge showing that would be great. I think the “T” icon next to the “Name” Field title is not clear enough.

Thanks for responding. Is it only table view (where showing the database badge(s) is not possible) your primary source of frustration?
Does enabling database badges on the other types of views help?

I’d say on any view it would be helpful to know what db(s) are being used to construct the view. Maybe I won’t feel like I need that as my workflow in Fibery evolves, idk.

Curious why it’s not possible on table view specifically.

Well, I believe the badge option is not available because table view only supports one db, whereas other types of views support multiple, wherefore it is useful knowing which entity came from which db.

(ironically, this logic is clearly based on an assumption that in table view, the user will know what that one-and-only source database is - an assumption that you’re clearly disproving!)

Got it got it. Yea would be interesting to know if other people have had a similar experience or if I’m just special :rofl: