[DONE] Views setup in Database editor


Many people don’t get the differences between database and View


Make View an explicit thing in Database setup.

Dig this - so long as it is still possible to make them outside of the singular db tables.

It’s nice to be able to make views that cross tables and even databases.

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This is a pattern that quite a few apps use (seen/used it personally on monday.com and airtable).

To be honest, I never found the view creation that confusing in fibery. It seemed to make sense that you built the structure of the types and app first and then can generate as many views as you needed and organize them in folders or even different apps (which I think is one of fibery’s super features). Being able to access views from the sidebar always seemed more intuitive that the dropdown approach in monday.com .

I can understand that the new database setup might exacerbate the confusion as you get a preview of the data in a table view. However, I think this might still be confusing if you don’t understand where views show up in the sidebar as I assume/hope that will continue to be the way to access views.

All that being said, I can see the value of being able to see all the views which read from a particular database/type. I think it is particularly important for larger apps/workspaces as it is easy with fibery to lose track of connections/dependencies.

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