Important usability issue in new TABLE view

Hi, I’ve provided a lot of feedback and bug reports on table - i think i provided this before but the behavior recently is a little different and worse.

  1. I created a new Table view with 12 rows (12 databases) - I had not thought of the 13th, which I think is a very common thing for a user to do.
  2. For my view I added approximately 9 columns.
  3. I added the 13th row (database) I had original forgotten and 7 of the 9 columns disappeared and now need to be added again - a lot of scrolling to come. It will be the same 9 columns it originally was, so wasteful effort.

What stayed? Only:

  1. Name
  2. State

It’s very inconvenient to create/recreate (also duplicate) tables (views) and have to keep “rebuilding” them.

Do you really use 13 Databases in Table View? I think this is the only example of this behavior in Fibery I know. Why you need so many? What is the use case?

You and I were talking about this before and I am sure I’m not doing things right. Here is my latest post on it - this represents my use case and why what I’m doing may be wrong/different: Basic Best Practices Usage Permissions & One Table vs. Multiple Tables - Get Help - Fibery Community

Yeah, anyway, we have this bug in our backlog to prevent columns.

I confirm to have had this issue a number of times. It indeed happens a lot when working with views with many databases. In entity field views I use many databases all the time because I like to combine all into one field instead of showing separate fields for each database relation. Working with many databases in a view gives indeed issues.

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