Notifications when a user has completed a form

Hi there! How do you get notifications when a user has completed a form and therefore a record has been created in the database? Inbox and/or email notifications would be ideal. Thanks.

Go to the database that your form is populating and go into the “Automations” area. Set it up as follows: 1. When task created, 2. Then send notification. You can choose which users it goes to. If those users have turned on email notifications in their settings they’ll get an email, if not it just goes to inbox.

If you want it to ONLY trigger when the form is used, then create a new field like “form triggered” (maybe a checkbox), add it to the form pre-ticked, then change the tickbox “hidden” on the form (not excluded, hidden). Now go to the rule you just created and add a filter to Step 1 specifying the relevant checkbox is ticked.


Thanks @Karlitooo! I only want to trigger it when the form is used. How can pre-tick the checkbox?

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Add the checkbox field to the form, with default value of true, but make it hidden.


Found it. Thanks!