Automations in Forms


We have an automation that send a notification in Discord (our team kind of Slack) when a team member add an Issue.

If I create a form to add Issue more easily, is there a way to trigger the same automation?

Thank you all!

You can create an automation to notify on creation of an entity, but if you need to specifically only notify if the entity was created via form view, then you probably need to add a helper field (like a checkbox) which can be set as one of the hidden fields on form view, but with a default value of true.
Then filter on this field in your automation.

Thanks Chris,

Just to be certain that I’m clear, automations works when I create an entity from a table for exemple, but not when I create it from a form.

Your support is appreciated as always :smiley:

Sorry, no. I must have expressed myself badly.
The automation will be triggered no matter how an Issue is created, but I thought from your first post that you specifically wanted a notification if an Issue was created by someone submitting a form (and not if the Issue is created in some other way).
If you already have an automation that you’re happy with, it will continue to work just fine if the Issue is created via a form :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, the form don’t trigger the automation… :confused:

Can you give us some details, e.g. trigger, filters, actions, info from activity log, etc.