Using an automation to create a row with set fields doesn't trigger automations watching for updates to those fields

If I had an automation that uses Create action, the fields that I set at that point are already present when the row is added to the database, so anything that is watching for changes to those fields doesn’t trigger. This might be as intended, but it means I have to duplicate my actions - when the field changes, and when its added.

It is possible to have both triggers (created and updated) in the same automation, so you don’t need to duplicate the automations, just add the extra trigger as appropriate.

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The formulas for the Target Node aren’t super advanced, but enough that I don’t want to updated them in the onCreate (which actually creates a second row), onMarines (if the team gets updated to Marines after creation) and onAliens (if the team gets updated to Aliens after creation)

oohh right, just clicked what you meant… didn’t notice you could add multiple things to the When condition… thanks!

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